About Us


Welcome. We are so glad you want to learn more about us.

We are a young family on a mission to change the period paradigm.
We want to rid the world of plastic period products that are sold to appear cheap, when in fact the cost to women's health and the cost to the planet is so high, its crippling.
Travel  is a great passion of ours and we have witnessed firsthand the devastation plastics cause to our oceans, marine life and our soil.
So we decided to be change makers and start our own revolution. We turned our home and the products we use organic. As consumers we decided to vote with the choices we made, by buying organic goods.
As a first step that was jolly good. Then we decided to expand our revolution and make organic products ourselves.
Period products are ubiquitous, but little is known about how and importantly what they are made with. Even when we learned that they are made from plastic we struggled to find viable alternatives.
Our goal is to create a trusted online store from which our customers can access a range of organic period products at an affordable price.
Make the change today, choose organic period products and make your periods matter! We are here to serve you along your journey and make it a fabulous one.
Welcome to our family, welcome to LUX.  Please take a look at our period pads and period underwear too!