Organic Night Pads

  • £5.00

The LUXStore Organic Night pack comprises 10 long pads with wings for night use.

Our cruelty free night pads are:

  • Made extra long in comparison to our day pads to allow for a longer absorption window as you sleep at the night
  • Biodegradable, on land, in sea water, in fresh water, ergo very eco-friendly
  • Super soft and hypoallergenic, so no more itches down below
  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, say bye-bye to any chemical contamination
  • Made with wings and have great adhesion, so it will move along with you and support you as you sleep
  • Patented channels in the pads ensure even spread of menses, allowing for longer absorption times
  • Guaranteed free from, pesticides, rayon, synthetic polymers, perfumes and other chemicals, so come on and enjoy the LUX experience.